Bor Grigorsonn

Human Traveling Merchant


“The only bad deal is no deal”

Bor is the PC’s current employer. He is a successful traveling merchant and cousin to the Governor of Greenest. He has employed the PC’s as caravan guards and drivers as he moves north towards Scornubel, Baldur’s Gate, Waterdeep and Perhaps even Neverwinter, trading at population centres as he goes.

Nothing in his five wagons is of any particular value in itself, but collectively they are worth hiring a small group of sell-swords to ensure they arrive at their destinations.

The PCs receive 5 gp plus board every tendays, 1gp payable at the start of each tenday, the rest upon termination of contract or when they reach the next major destination (Scornubel)

He is respected and trusted, and has shown himself to be a fair and reasonable boss.


“Villagers can steal just as well as a goblins”

A genial sole in his mid fifties, Bor is a excellent merchant. He has a keen eye for a bargain and is a born salesman, and a great story teller. He likes to stay in good quality inns and usually provides decent lodgings for his guards. He does insist on at least one guard being on duty in shifts regardless of time or location. He will often stay for a day or two in moderate population cetres and for a week or more in the larger cities.

Bor has no permanent home, though he has banking facilities at Baldur’s Gate and a room permanently rented at The Quizzling Tavern near the Eastern Gate. His cousin is the Governor of Greenest, and he is assured a guest room.

Bor Grigorsonn

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